Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've got a contract with HealthCentral!!

Hello my lovely readers! I have had quite an opportunity handed to me (not to say that I have not worked hard for it, I feel I have). The lovely Miss Teri Robert over at My Migraine Connection has been mentoring me now for about a year.

Well my work has paid off! The HealthCentral Network has offered me a contract to become an EXPERT on their migraine site!!

I could not be happier!! I have so enjoyed working with the lovely people over at MMC, and to now be an expert - WOW!!!! This on the heels of just coming back from an absolutely fabulous time in Boston at the American Headache Society 50th Annual Conference.

So I just thought I would share the news with all of you - My title over at My Migraine Connection is now "Community Moderator". I will be helping out Miss Teri and Miss Nancy, who is the Community Manager. So pretty much in the hierarchy - it goes:

Queen - Teri

Princess - Nancy

Princess in training - Me (sounds better then Duchess I think)

Hey I have to find a way to wear a tiara any way I can!!!


rain gem said...

Congrats :P

So, you like a company woman now?

Megan Oltman said...

Hey Congrats! I noticed you over there on MMC with your pretty picture and your big fancy expert title on you! Way to go. Do we have to call you "Highness" now or will "your worship" do?
No really, good job, lady!
- Megs

Eileen said...

I was joking with Laura telling her I will only respond to "her royal pain in the butt" from now on!! LOL

MaxJerz said...

Many congrats, Eileen! I'm sure as a Jersey girl you have plenty of experience as a princess-in-training. (LOL, kidding.) (Also, we may want a better title for you since the abbreviation for this one is PIT.)

Be well,

Kelly, FlywithHope said...

Yay Eileen! I just read this! Congrats to you! Very exciting! I am so glad to have you as an expert at MMC and as MJ said, a PIT. ;)


Teri Robert said...


Congrats! I'm very proud of you and so glad to be working with you. :-)