Monday, March 17, 2008

AHDA letter deadline - TODAY!!!!

As most/some of you may know, I volunteer with Mymigraineconnection. com and have the honor of working with the lovely Miss Teri Robert.

I have a favor to ask you. We have a letter that needs to be singed. It's the Obey/Walsh letter. This letter will help us get better funding for migraine disease. We need to push our congressman to sign this letter.

Today is the last day for our congrassman to recieve OUR letter.

Please, if you could take 2 seconds, click on the link below and fill out the letter, I would really appriciate it. It's for better migraine funding.

Thank you to all of you!!!


Time is running out to email your member of the house .
Dear AHDA Advocate ,As of this morning, AHDA records indicated that you have not yet contacted your Representative. This is just a reminder that time is very short to contact her/him regarding the Obey/Walsh Dear Colleague Letter. Monday is the very last day for your Representative to sign this important letter.

If you have already sent an email through the website and have not received a confirmation email, then it may not have been accepted. We have had a handful of reports of this happening. We are very sorry about this bug, but please send the email again.

If you haven't sent an email yet, then please find just five minutes to do so as soon as you can.

All you need to do is to directly to http://capwiz. com/headacheadvocacy/issues/alert/?alertid=11128631&PROCESS=Take+Action, add a personal paragraph if you wish, fill in your contact information that's needed to email a House member, and click the "Send Message" button.

If you click the box next to "Remember Me!" near the bottom, your personal info will be there the next time you send an email through our system. You may also want to keep a copy of what you write in case you want to use it again when the time comes for us to email your Senators.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Teri Robert at

Many, many thanks,
Robert Shapiro, MD, PhD; Burlington, Vermont
William Young, MD; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Brad Klein, MD, MBA; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teri Robert, PhD; Washington, West Virginia

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Went to the neuro today and....

Everything went great! My migraines are improving. I've had less this month then in the previous 6 months!!

We discussed options, and since this new Topamax/Amitriptyline combo seems to be working right now, we are not going to mess with it. We may increase the Topamax a bit, but only another 25mgs.

He gave me samples of almost everything I take! Skelaxin, Frova, and Topamax! He refilled my Skelaxin, he felt since I am not taking it as often, since I've tried to cut back, and also since I am getting less tension headaches, that since it works, don't mess with it.

That is pretty much it. It was a good visit. Nothing new though. We are keeping everything as it is.

I did discuss sleep with him. He said he didn't want to prescribe me anything right now, since my migraines are improving, let's see how I am the next visit and if it's still a problem, we will go from there.

So I have no complaints - me, not complaining - imagine that!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Neurologist appointment tomorrow

I'm looking forward to it. I hope that things go as I think they will. I feel I've finally found a doctor I can work with.

My goal this appointment are to:

1. Find something I can take for if I get a migraine at work and nausea is really bad. (I have Tigan now, but I get way to sleepy to take it at work)

2. Discuss other options other then Skelaxin for my Tension Type Headaches.

3. Can I please, please! come off the Topamax now???!!!

We will see how it goes.

I will hopefully get a chance to get on here and update tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A month thoughts

I've been on my new combo of Topamax and Amitriptyline for a little over a month now...and I have to say I'm undecided still.

I know it's still too soon. It can take up to six weeks - but that's next week and also my next neuro appointment. Here's my progress:

I've had a migraine about once a week on average since the Amitriptyline. I have, however, noticed less tension type headaches, which is good! So I'm taking a lot less Skelaxin. Also during this time, I hit my first placebo week with my new pill, so it was the first one in three months - ugh! That was a trip and a half. I almost ended up in status migrainous AGAIN! Four day migraine and then it was over. BUT considering all that, I think the Amitriptyline is working somewhat. I think my tension headaches are down, which means that it is hopefully taking care of the transformed migraines, which was the purpose of me going on it in the first place.

The down side:

I want to eat...all...the....time!!! I try to curb it, and yes, it has tapered off some since I've been on the same dose of Amitriptyline for over 4 weeks now...but yeah, I still have the sweets craving, which I had anyway, but the Topamax made me not hungry enough to actually indulge.

So, I go back to Dr. Neruo on March 11th. and I will have another update then. I really need to get on here more often!!!