Thursday, June 26, 2008

First day of conference

Today was our first day of conference stuff, seeing as we came in a day early to get adjusted. Teri and I woke with the chickens at 4:45 to make a 6 a.m. breakfast satellite symposium on Brains, Sex Hormones & Woman: Neural Mechanisms of Migraine. It was all about women and the impact menstruation has on Migraine and menstrual Migraine.

I know Teri is going to write up a share post about this within the next couple weeks over on My Migraine Connection. Once I have time to reread what I've learned, I may come on back and talk more about it here.

We also went to a lecture on how the brain processes pain signals.

This all happened between meeting so many wonderful doctors such as Dr. Fred Sheftell who is now the president of the American Headache Society, Dr. Elizabeth Loder, Dr. William Young, Dr. Krusz, Dr. Silberstein, and Dr. Lipton. These are just a few of the brilliant minds of gotten to meet so far, and it's just the first day!

I believe this is going to be about it for now since we are crazy and getting up for another satellite symposium tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

Good night for now!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Off to Boston in the morning!!!

So Teri and I are off to Boston in the morning for the 50th annual American Headache Society conference. This is Teri's fifth year attending and my first. I am so excited, I cannot wait.

I am just finishing up the packing, the getting myself organized and all that stuff.

We will have a lot to report from Boston, so stay tuned!! I am not sure how much of it I will have time to report on here before I get back, but we will be Share Posting on My Migraine Connection during our trip.

So wish us luck and please check in here and on MMC for updates from the confrence!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mourning Becka

It's been two years now. Although I never got to meet you, I miss you and mourn you every day. I've never cried for someone I never knew before, not like this. We are sisters through marriage, although we won't meet on this earth.

Becka, I hope it's better for you where you are now. We miss you and love you.

Your brother misses you more then you will ever know. I wish you were here. I wish you could be here, living life with us.

I can only imagine you coming over, hanging out, chillin - just being silly. If there was anything I could do to bring you back, I would do it in a second.

I'm going to go now.

I love you!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was able to watch some of the videos the NHF launched the other day. I love this one. I have posted it eveywhere. I have it on my myspace and everywhere else I think it will reach people. Word!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

National Headache Awareness Week! June 1-7

So I have been really slipping on the blogging lately. Sorry to all of my 3 readers out there! It's not for lack of wanting to, or having interesting things to's that I've been super busy.

Hopefully this week will jump start my butt to what promises to be a very busy month!!!!

To start it off: It's National Headache Awareness Week!!! Yippee!! I've celebrated by informing some co-workers more about this disease! (We should have our own mylar balloons, right? With little brains on them??) Just thinking out loud. Maybe I'll make a brain cake to celebrate....

Ok, let's get serious!

The National Headache Foundation started a new campaign, and a new YouTube Channel! The new "campaign" is called "getting a head START on your headaches". Teri Robert wrote a great article on it. This year marks the 15th annual National Headache Weeek that has been "celebrated".

And, in news to come later this month - I have the pleasure of going to the American Headache Society 50th annual confrence in a few weeks with none other than Miss Teri Robert!!!!

I am so excited I cannot wait!!! We are going to have such a great time! I will be keeping you all updated on here and also through My Migraine Connection.

With all this news in one post, I can hardly contain myself! I'm going to try really hard to get on here more often and get info out to you guys. I'm sorry I have not been more on the ball lately. I know I've missed a couple blog carnivals and things of that nature, but I'm going to try and get on here at least once a week!

That's about it for now!