Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And the Doctor says.....

Today was my appointment with Dr.G. He really is such a character. I really like him, but have to remember sometimes, that he is just a neurologist, not a Migraine Specialist

We went over a bunch of things. The Topamax
and Amitriptyline and the side affects that made me stop taking them.

We decided I would go a month clean with no preventive. This way, we can be sure when we start the new one, (which may be Wellbutrin) we can figure out what drug is causing what side affect. I was o.k. with this. I kinda like the idea of a drug holiday. I feel like I've been putting so much crap in my body everyday, it will probably welcome the break.

He did tell me that I will probably start to see a spike in Migraines after I've been off the Amitriptyline for about 10 days....I'm on day seven and I already feel it.

I got a script for Midrin, which I can try for my Tension Headaches. It sure beats Vicodin, that only knocks the pain down to make it bearable! So we will see how that goes.

I am having blood work done to check all my levels, such as vitamin B12, Magnesium, vitamin D (Thank you Dr. Krusz for making me aware of this!!), among other things, but I just can't read Dr.G's handwriting to see what else I am having checked....and of course I already forget.

So we will see how it goes! Wish me luck!


Diana Lee said...

That sounds fantastic, Eileen! I hope the testing will reveal some areas that you can address and see some improvement.


Eileen said...

Yes! I'm really hoping to find out some things from the blood work! As I said, Dr.K totally opened my eyes to some of this....especially Vitamin D!!!

Kelly, FlywithHope said...

I hope you have a good medication holiday. :) And good luck with the midrin and your TTH!