Saturday, April 5, 2008

What you do when it all comes crashing down.

So I had a great run this time. I went 17 days migraine free. I was not even done with my "migraine euphoria" post yesterday when I felt the beast start to dig it's claws into my head.

I have to say, it was not as bad as I thought it would be, head wise....but the nausea - oh man - all day long!

The one this I was really upset about was I actually had plans last night - yes, me - LEAVING THE HOUSE plans!!! Shawn and I still went migraine had calmed down by then, but I still had the side effect of my postdrome.

Ok raise your had if your flesh aches after taking Frova!!! I swear it is the strangest side effect ever for me, I can take it considering that the Frova attacks my head and knocks out that migraine in a matter of an hour, but why does all of my flesh hurt after????

Sounds strange right?? It used to just be the back of my arms ached - now I noticed it's all over that I ache after taking it. I used to only get achy if I had to take two doses, now I notice it on one.

Please dear God don't make the Frova stop working!!! That is my biggest fear!!!! I can take the flesh pain!!! Yeah, all of my skin, and under it like the meat on my body aches when I touch it....I don't's gone today and so is the migraine so I'm happy about that.

Ok, well onto some other exciting things. Yes, I'm going to plug some of my friends here so consider yourself warned!!!

We went to see our friends Insouciant Play last night - you guys please check them out - they are really good!!!! We had such a great time!!!

Also - My husbands band Annoying Customer is going to be heading into the studio to do some recording next weekend!!! Yippee!!!! I am so excited about this!!! Check them out too!!! I am especially fond of their new song "Mongoose"!!!! So please take a listen to both of them!!!

And last but certainly not least - we have Daina over at Somebody Heal Me Who announced her blog carnival yesterday!!! So for all who are interested please check out her site for details. The topic this time around is "strategies for coping with headaches and migraines". The deadline on this is midnight April 11, 2008 - so if you are interested, please go check her blog out for more info.

Ok kids, that about wraps it up for today!!!

Until next time - take care of yourself and be kind to each other.


AloofElf said...

17 days! An awesome run! I remember the last time I had 2 weeks free, I felt like a totally different person, lol!

Sounds like our husbands have a lot in common too, my husband is in a band (they have "albums" though they're not looking for fame or anything). He just likes to plunk out a lot of whatever sounds good to him. good luck to your husband on his recording!

And yeah, the euphoria. Wow. Sometimes I'm like, why the heck am I so hyper? I never talk like this, not even on a good day? And the giggles! Uh oh...You know what that means, right?

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. So glad to know you have a blog too. I'm so slow on the uptake!

Take care and much love!

Megan Oltman said...

Hey Eileen - Imitrex makes me ache all over - sometimes it seems like it takes the head pain and spreads it evenly through my body - but at least it's less intense that way. Funny thing is this effect doesn't happen if the migraine is very severe - if the migraine is mild and I take the triptan at first sign like I'm supposed to, then I get the aches.
- Megs