Saturday, April 12, 2008

I used too.....

There are certain things that this girl can no longer due because of migraine disease.

I used to be able to stay up late, get up early, live on hardly any sleep - no more! Those days are long gone! Now it's in bed by 10 - 11 at the very latest. Waking by 8 at the latest, even on weekends. Yes, even 8 is sleeping in for me, I'm usually up by 7, but try to get another hour of sleep.

I used to be able to hang out and drink red wine, or anything (except brown liquor!, that's always been a no-no!) for that matter and get a little, shall we say, "socially lubricated" to not say "drunk" LOL - now, there is no way that I can even get past a half a glass of wine, which is usually white, since red is a trigger for me. My medications make me feel intoxicated after about 5 sips, so yes, now I am the lightweight of the group.

I used to be able to cardio kickbox - and I loved it. I loved taking the classes, doing it at home with a video or something. Now, I'm afraid that the bouncing motion will jar my head and bounce my brain around too much and cause me to get a migraine. I really can't even run on a treadmill anymore because of the bouncing impact of it.

I used to be able to blast my music while driving in my car.....oh I think I have the hardest time with this one!!! I still do from time to time, but I usually have at least a low grade head pain that I really can't listen to anything loud. Oh but to remember the days of just blaring the radio and driving around....that was fun. I used to love that.

I used to not have to worry about these things and just live my life. Now, I feel like I'm on constant look out for triggers and possible pitfalls. Don't get me wrong, it's not difficult. It's just annoying to feel like I'm a prisoner in my own body. It could be worse, I know. I am not trying to cry the blues. I just miss some of the things I used to be able to do.


max said...

I miss driving around on a warm spring or summer day, with the windows rolled down and my music blaring. Must be a NJ thing. ;) I really can't do that anymore - can't play my music loud, and really I don't drive much any more either. I don't feel safe doing it with the beastie constantly in my head. Coming back from the doc yesterday though I turned up the radio just a little louder than I have in a while and enjoyed the sun and warm weather, and it reminded me of how much I used to love doing that.

deborah said...

right there with you. on occassion, I will sip the white wine, though I pay for it dearly the next day. as for the music - oh those were the days now weren't they. I still just try to ease it up a notch - only to have to turn it down. I used to tae-bo. no more for me, same reasons. now I'm just winding my little body down to nothing. oh well.