Monday, April 21, 2008

The honest to god truth....what I put in my body everyday.

So I thought it would be good to let my readers know exactly what I take everyday, for those maybe not as familiar with Migraine Disease. Yes, at age 30 I have over 5 scripts and take a total of I think 10 pills a day. Here we go:

Topamax - 25mgs
Multi Vitamin
Magnesium - 650 mgs
Calcium - 1000 mgs

Topamax - 50mgs
Amitriptyline - 20 mgs
Melatonin - 5mgs
Jolessa - one every night

And on an as needed basis:
Frova -2.5 mgs, allowed up to 3 pills per day if needed - but not more then 3 times a week or may lead to Medication Overuse Headache
Skelaxin - 600 mgs - as needed up to 4 a day for Tension Type Headaches
Tigan - 400mgs as needed for nausea
Vicodin - 500mgs (I split them in half) as needed for Rescue

Yep, so I think that's about it, and that's not to mention the vitamin C that I take to help my TTH's go away faster.....

So although you may think by looking at me "You don't look sick" - remember to not judge a book by it's cover. I sometimes feel like a slave to the drugs that I take. If I don't take them, I get very sick. If I take to many of them, I can get very sick. It's quite the balancing act us migraneurs play.

So this was just a little peak into my world. I don't think I've actually ever broken it down before. Wow!

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