Friday, April 4, 2008

AHDA needs letter sent TODAY!!!! ACT NOW!!!

Ok - sorry this is going to be a super quick one because I'm working - but I just got my AHDA action alert email which I will paste below - please go to the site and email your senators - RIGHT NOW - TODAY - LET'S GO!!! MOVE IT!!!

Please Email Your Senator Today!
Dear Mrs. Gray:
Our efforts last month to urge members of the US House of Representatives to support increases in NIH funding for research on headache disorders were highly successful. Twelve Representatives signed the Obey/Walsh letter. This is an outstanding result for the first mobilization of our numbers, and we are optimistic that it will be enough to have our message appended to the House appropriations bill.
It is now time to contact your US Senators for the same purpose. Unfortunately our window of opportunity is only narrowly open. The letter with Senators' signatures must be submitted by today, April 4th.
Please take just 5 minutes RIGHT NOW to go directly to and send your message to your two US Senators
Please forward this email right away to anyone else concerned about the inadequate state of care for patients with headache disorders.
Only with increased research will new effective treatments for headache disorders become available. And only with your help will such research activities increase to levels appropriate to the huge scale of this problem. The larger our voice, the greater will be our impact.
Thanks again for your efforts.
Robert Shapiro, MD, PhDWilliam Young, MD,Teri Robert, PhDBrad Klein, MD, MBA

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