Monday, November 17, 2008

E is for.....

PhotobucketEducation! Education! Education! - the more you know about Migraine as a patient, the better treatment you can get for yourself. I am going to have shirts made that say "Everything I've learned, I've learned from Teri Robert!" Seriously! Her book Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches changed my life! Her friendship and constant support has changed my life. Pick up her book through - and visit her at My Migraine Connection!

ER Treatment Forms - Teri Robert came up with these forms when dealing with uncooperative ER staff, or just the ER in general - and will also have a protocol in place as how your doctor wants the ER staff to treat you, if you need to go to the ER.


Parin Stormlaughter said...

Teri's book has been and is still the only book I recommend for Migraine. I've given copies away.

Hands down, it's the most empowering information about Migraine that's out there.

Faren said...

Hi Eileen,

Just found your blog through Migraine Google Alerts. Thanks for all the information! I get Migraines too and their particularly bad this month. But more often I have chronic headaches daily and the triggers are so random. I read a study/theory that shows onset is usually not triggered by just one thing, but several building up. This makes it even harder to pinpoint direct causes. I just started working for a new research company and it provides a platform for migraine sufferers to share what causes/triggers the pain (people can openly see which ones are most common and new ones they may not have realized). It also allows people to anonymously share variant symptoms and evaluate treatments:

We can all help each other,
From one migraineur to another,

Drake said...

I have never concidered my self a migraine sufferrer ... that is untill I now started reading up... A lot of things point to the fact that I might suffer from "silent" migraines... I definately get migraine's every 6 month's or so, with halo's but something tells me I suffer from it more often than what I realise, masked by other issues I guess or just lurking in the shadows causing my brain to malfunction ... like when I get numeric/logic dislexia. As a programmer, logic dislexia is a scary thing...and realy confusing... It feels like some gremlin's was actually writing the code and not you or that some gremlin went into your code and changed things while you were asleap...

Then again, it might be something different all together. I think when I get to a point where I am useless, I would like to give my living body to science for study so they can mess around with a live and awake brain to try and determine how it works. It's just too frustrating trying to figure out what is wrong with all the different areas of my body and just end up empty handed.

In a way, I envy you for knowing for certain that you have migraines, but on the other hand, I thank God my "migraines" don't go hand in hand with head-aches.

Keep well