Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Confession.....

I think I was a little too ambitious with the ABC's thing. I will get back to it. I have had no time and quite honestly feel like a truck hit me more often then not.

I sit home again tonight, in pain, while my friends are at a Halloween party.

I am just tired of being sick. I know it will get better. It's just that the right now - sucks out loud!!


Megan Oltman said...

Hugs to you Eileen! You've been having a very rough time! The alphabet isn't going anywhere! ;-)
- Megan

Migraine Chick said...

Sending hugs, too!

Drake said... is a nasty mistress...

When ever you think you finally have some cash stashed away for your self, she comes along and demands some money for a pair of Goochi's and you are all back to square one. :D

But don't fret, were not going anywhere and the point of a journey is the journey it self...not the destination, so no need to rush the completion of the AVX's .. huh .. ABC's (Silly fingers).

Can't wait till you get to the P's ... P is for Palinopsia? :D hehe

* HUGS *

Parin Stormlaughter said...

Hang in there, hon.

If I had a nickel for every article or series I planned...

I missed all of Halloween too. I had gotten chiro'd and acupuntured to pieces that day and my younger daughter had both mono and pneumonia.

We'll hit Halloween with a BIG STICK next year!!