Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Off to Boston in the morning!!!

So Teri and I are off to Boston in the morning for the 50th annual American Headache Society conference. This is Teri's fifth year attending and my first. I am so excited, I cannot wait.

I am just finishing up the packing, the getting myself organized and all that stuff.

We will have a lot to report from Boston, so stay tuned!! I am not sure how much of it I will have time to report on here before I get back, but we will be Share Posting on My Migraine Connection during our trip.

So wish us luck and please check in here and on MMC for updates from the confrence!!!!!


rain gem said...

Hopefully you and Teri had an uneventful flight. I've just finished the last season of "Lost" I had tivo'd and once again, I'm scared of planes :P

Eileen said...

No worries! We drove! :-)

She picked me up on her way. Neither of us like flying much these days and I'm only about 4 hours from Boston anyway.

rain gem said...

Living in a driving distance to Boston... Nice.