Thursday, June 26, 2008

First day of conference

Today was our first day of conference stuff, seeing as we came in a day early to get adjusted. Teri and I woke with the chickens at 4:45 to make a 6 a.m. breakfast satellite symposium on Brains, Sex Hormones & Woman: Neural Mechanisms of Migraine. It was all about women and the impact menstruation has on Migraine and menstrual Migraine.

I know Teri is going to write up a share post about this within the next couple weeks over on My Migraine Connection. Once I have time to reread what I've learned, I may come on back and talk more about it here.

We also went to a lecture on how the brain processes pain signals.

This all happened between meeting so many wonderful doctors such as Dr. Fred Sheftell who is now the president of the American Headache Society, Dr. Elizabeth Loder, Dr. William Young, Dr. Krusz, Dr. Silberstein, and Dr. Lipton. These are just a few of the brilliant minds of gotten to meet so far, and it's just the first day!

I believe this is going to be about it for now since we are crazy and getting up for another satellite symposium tomorrow at the crack of dawn.

Good night for now!

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Megan Oltman said...

Can't wait to hear more! Have a great time and be sure to take some breaks so you can take it all in without wearing out your brain!

;-) Megan