Thursday, September 4, 2008

Using a capital M

PhotobucketMy lovely friend over at My Migraine Connection, number one patient advocate (yes, that's right, she rocks!), Miss Teri Robert, has written an awesome Share Post about the capital M.

What is the capital M you ask? Well, it's the first letter in the word Migraine!

I've spoke to Teri about this before, and I am in total agreement. Migraine should be capitalized!!!! It should not have to do with a person's name, if it is a disease, it should be capitalized! At least this is my feeling on the subject.

If you would like to read Miss Teri's Share Post, and I know you do!!, you can check it out: Migraine with a capital M

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deborah said...

I read her article this morning; and she siad it very well. By the way, I've been capitalizing Migraine on my blog for the past, oh, I think 3 years. I too, believe these diseases should all be capitalized.