Monday, September 8, 2008

Invisible Illness Week Starts TODAY!

Today is the start of Invisible Illness week.

I was reminded way too much recently that I have an invisible illness. I suffer from Migraine Disease. I also suffer from Depression.

The Depression may come and go, but the last couple weeks were just awful. It was brought back on by a drug, Inderal, that I was taking as a preventive for my Migraine Disease.

Yes, sometimes the drugs we take have adverse side effects that seem to put us back a few steps. I spoke with my doctor today and I am tapering off of it and seeing him next week.

And just for those of you who may think that living healthy or breathing deep will "cure" Migraines - I already do all of that.

I tried the natural approach for almost a decade as my Migraines got progressively worse. I hated the thought of having to be on a drug for the rest of my life. I tried to just suffer though an attack - not even take Advil - and you know where it got me? In the doctors office for some preventive medication!

If those things work for you - I really am truly happy for you. But please don't preach to me how your way is the ONLY way - I've tried it. The only way I can even somewhat function in my daily life at this time is with preventive medication.

Yes, we Migraineurs get a slew of different reasons thrown at us as to why what we are doing is not the right approach. That I can think of off hand, I've been told "no more caffeine", "get pregnant", "breathe deeply and relax", "try chiropractic", "try holistic healing".

Ya wanna know something people: I've tried it all!!!!! Well, except for the getting pregnant one. That one will have to wait for a very long time.

Having an invisible illness is a sad and lonely thing to go through in life. It take so much some days for me to wake up and face the day. I take a handful of supplements every morning, on top of my preventive medication. So it's not like I'm taking just the preventive. I take 6 different pills before my preventive, and that's just vitamins and minerals.
Sometimes we all just want to scream SHUT UP to the "have you tried" and "you are attached to your pain" people.

Walk a mile in my shoes and tell me that what I'm doing is wrong. Tell that to anyone with Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Depression, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It SUCKS!!!

But, as my favorite saying goes:

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to over come, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater then our suffering." Ben Okri

I will be greater then my suffering. This disease has made me want to make a difference for myself and for others.

Awareness is key. I intend to fight for a cure, to fight for better doctors, and fight for all of us out there suffering. "Safety in numbers" as they say. Together we will change the face of Invisible Illness.


Parin Stormlaughter said...

Hon, I think you're brave and strong to have the courage to share your experiences.

We need buttons to wear that say, "Yes I've tried it all!". And tee shirts that say on the front "Wishing hasn't made YOU go away!" and on the back "Wishing doesn't change Migraine Disease either. Join us in putting real science behind the reality"


Kelly, FlywithHope said...

Well said, Eileen.

How could anyone think that we are attached to our pain?! That is absurd. Pain, especially that which is experienced with Migraine disease, is not easy to go through. And, it certainly does not bring any satisfaction. It is a horrid experience.

Anyone who says that we are attached to our pain needs a good penguin slap and perhaps learn some respect in the mean time!


MaxJerz said...

I'd rather be attached to my pain than attached to being an idiot... ;)

Seriously though, I know we all get sick of the comments.