Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here we go again!!

I've been on a little drug holiday from my preventive medications for almost a month and a half now. I should have known better. What I once thought was my worst time with migraines, the time that lead me to preventives, has now been surpassed.

Out of the last 39 days, I have had a Migraine or a Tension-Type headache all but 5 days. I've also had Tension headaches that triggered Migraine for me. It has not been an easy time!

Now yesterday, I did something I never thought I would do again. I ended up in Medication Overuse Headache. I was not thinking after two days of TTH and Midrin and yesterday I pulled out the Vicodin, which also contains acetaminophen - and BLAMO! MOH city!

The good thing is, it was not as bad as my MOH after my shoulder dislocation, which ironically was this same time last year.

I would be really grateful for some sort of a break here, so if you are listening up there, any time you want to put the Migraine Monster back in it's cage and away from my head, would be greatly appreciated!!!

This has me bringing up some things to mull around.....Is My Doctor Right for Me? I feel as if sometimes I hit a wall with my neurologist. My feeling is that, he likes that I am informed, but doesn't like that sometimes I am more informed than he is. I seem to be again struggling with the "do I stay"? or "do I go" scenario which is all to familiar to a lot of us migraineurs. It puts me in a hard position because I am a gal that likes to be an active part in my health care team.

Don't get me wrong, my neurologist is a great guy, but I tend to think he does not have that many Migraine patients, and those he does, he can appease with Topamax. Well I don't want to be on Topamax anymore.....or ever again!!!!

So we will see what happens. I go back to my neurologist on the 19th, after a nice weekend at the beach with my friends. I hope my next preventive serves me well. I can only hope at this point.

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