Saturday, August 23, 2008

Drug holiday is OVER! I have a new preventive!!!

I went to my neurologist on Tuesday and also started a new preventive medication. I had given up on Topamax and Amitriptyline because of the side effects...and well, I was still getting an average of about 7 Migraines a month.

My new preventive is Inderal. Inderal is a Beta Blocker commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. It's also sometimes used after a heart attack.

I've been on the Inderal at 10 mgs a day, in a split dose (5mgs a.m./5mgs p.m.). So far, so good. The first night I think I freaked myself out. Being that I have a normal low blood pressure, I was nervous to try this drug, but my doctor put me at ease saying that at the first sign of it giving a bad side effect - I back it down.

I have to say, other then the first night, I am sleeping better now then I have in a long time. I don't know if it's the Inderal, since it can take up to 6 weeks to take affect, or if it's my own "placebo effect". I think it's working, therefore, it is.

Now, I sleep like the dead. This is a welcome side effect (if that is what it really is) since I had been waking frequently and not getting sound sleep.

Also, my doctor gave me a script for Zanaflex to be taken at the onset of any Tension Type Headaches.

The story with my Tension Headaches is that the only thing that would touch them was Vicodin. Originally, if I caught the headache in time, Skelaxin would ease the pain somewhat. That is no longer the case. I tried Midrin to no avail. So now I am on Zanaflex for them.

My doctor said we will, at first, treat with Zanaflex on an as needed basis, since I just started the Inderal. The reason for not starting me on Zanaflex as a preventive with the Inderal, is to see which drug is or is not working. Once we know the Inderal is (hopefully!!) working, then we can add the Zanaflex in as a preventive as well. That is, if my Tension Headaches are still frequent on the Inderal.

I also received my first script for a rescue medication, that being Vicodin. I had so much Vicodin left over from my shoulder dislocation last year, I have not had a need to ask for a rescue.

So, that's my story.

So far, since starting the Inderal on Tuesday evening, I have not had a Migraine. I have, however been having a new aura. My aura's usually consist of floaters that look like oil spots, or sometimes, little shooting stars. The last two days I've had a more defined aura in that I'm seeing half crescent zig zags just in my peripheral vision.

For those of you unfamiliar with aura, I found a great video on YouTube featuring Dr. Silberstein from the Jefferson University Hospital.

I should also mention - I got back my blood work results, and as I suspected, I was deficient in Vitamin D! Thank you again Dr. Krusz for bringing this possibility to my attention! I am now taking 400mgs of Vitamin D, along with all my other supplements.

For more information on Vitamin D, you can check out some great articles by Diana at Somebody Heal Me. I have linked her articles directly below:

Chronic Migraineurs Lack Vitamin D

Vitamin D Eases Chronic Pain

Also, if I am not mistaken, Teri Robert is or will be working on an article about Vitamin D as well. Once that is up, I will post the link here.


rain gem said...

Ah, blood pressure meds. Good times. I miss the sleep they induced...

Still planning on that diet?

Eileen said...

Oh yes! The "diet" is under way! I'm doing the Apple Cider Vinegar diet along with lower carb.

I know the sound of a vinager diet does not sound appealing to most, but I love vinegar!