Monday, January 14, 2008

Up and coming doctor visit

I had gone to see my primary doctor a month or so ago and she referred me to a new neurologist, since the last headache specialist I saw was, well, horrible (don't worry, I won't mention your name and ruin your career here).

Come to find out, he actually studied with my at the time neuro that I was leaving because she was no good. Makes sense now, right!

Anyway, so my primary referred me to this neuro and when we were having our holiday party at work, the doctor group that I work for mentioned him too! So now I am excited to see him. He seems to have a good name with the other doctors in the area which is awesome. The doctor group I work for says he is a pain in the butt, always wanting tests done yesterday.....which is great...they agreed.

My big question latley has been "Do I have IIH?" Which is Intercranial Hypertension, formerly called Psudotumor Cerebri. IIH is increased spinal fluid in the brain that the body cannot absorb. It causes pressure in the brain, which can lead to no trigger migraines. I have a lot of these! The only way to test for IIH is by a lumbar puncture. Supposidly this new neuro has no problems with that and orders them frequently. Other doctors, including "Mr. Headache Specialist" stated to me that if I didn't have papilladema, that I could not have IIH - FALSE! And he is a specialist! This is why I never went back!

So I am getting a list of questions ready for my hopefully new neurologist. I hope that he is good and that we can work well together. I feel like I've been through enough bad ones, it's time I get a good one for a change!!!!

Wish me luck! My appointment is on the 22nd!

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