Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Support for Migraineurs!!!

Since becoming a host on My Migraine Connection, I've become very involved in wanting to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to raise awareness and support for migraine sufferers. I don't care if it's handing out flyer's on the roadside, e-mails, what have you....I just know that I have to do it. Not only for myself, but for the family I've meet on the forum.

I admire Teri Robert so much for what she does every day for all of us. If I can do half of what she does, I would be happy.

Here are some statistics as to what lights my fire....aside from being the obvious sufferer.

*According to a study published in the April 1999 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, migraine costs American employers $13 billion per year due to missed work and reduced productivity.

*It is estimated that 157 million workdays are lost annually because of the pain and associated symptoms of migraine. (Source: National Headache Foundation)

*Most children who get migraines, have at least one close family member who suffers from migraines too. If a child has one parent who suffers from migraines, they have a 50% chance of getting them too, if both are sufferers, this rises to 75%.

*Migraine alone is the 12th most disabling disorder in the US.

With facts like that, we need more research! We need better treatment!

Now is the time to act!

Please visit Alliance for Headache Advocacy and sign up for emails. The site was put together by my friend, the lovely Miss Teri Robert , along with one of the top headache specialists, Dr. William B. Young, of the Jefferson Headache Center.

Also, see that little badge over there to your right? You'll find that on the Alliance for Headache Advocacy page too, I encourage you to click on it, it's your friend! Donate! Donations are as little as $10.00 and are tax deductible. The American Headache Society will even send you a nice letter thanking you for your donation! Please! Donate now and donate often! We are not even to the half way point to where we need to be.....$10, it's not a lot - you can do it!

Thank you all so much! Thank you for reading! Thank you for your support.


Teri Robert said...

Thank you, Eileen!


Eileen said...

Thanks for reading Teri!!!

Girl, like I've said before, I'll follow you anywhere, any day! You are my inspiration!