Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In Austin, Texas

I have to apologize to anyone and everyone who ever stops by here and/or comments on my blog. For some reason, I was not getting notifications as to when someone would leave a comment so I just saw that there was about 7 comments from 2013 - I am so very sorry. I hate it when people don't get back to me and I'm sorry for doing that to you. I am going to work on switching addressing in which my notifications go to and hope that helps. I also hope to blog more once my life settles down a bit. I feel as if there are many plates spinning in the air all at once. The good thing is, my health is good. We (my husband and I) are on vacation in Austin, Texas right now - hello! first time on an airplane since 1998! I had a MAJOR anxiety attack! Thank god I have an awesome fibro dr who I was able to just be like "listen I don't think I'll freak (so wrong) but just in case can I have something just in case for the flight to and from" SOOOOO glad I did that!!!!!! Landing was fine, take off was DRAMA CITY! Oh man I felt like one of those people who end up on youtube video's! LOL Anyway - I promise - now that my health is more regular (Migraines are like zip - maybe 3 in a bad month) Fibromyalgia is better in summer (the hotter the better for me, I feel much better in heat) - So hopefully I'll get back to blogging and be able to get back into talking with all of you. Again I am so sorry about the comments, I will change my notifications address and hopefully that will fix the issue. Thanks to all who are still reading. I am working out the kinks and hope to get back to this on a more normal basis and change my notifications.

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