Monday, May 5, 2008

Special K.....

Well, at least that's what the kids call it.

Ah, yes, ketamine.

I was recently reminded of this drug when I was over at the Migraine News Network which is also my friend Rain's site.

In one of her recent posts, she mentioned an article, Night club drug could ease depression, on how ketamine can actually help ease depression!

For those of you who didn't know, ketamine is also used in IV therapy for migraineurs. See this wonderful article:IV therapy for Refractory Migraines by Teri Robert about Dr. Krusz down in Huston who is know for his IV therapy and of course, his kind nature towards patients! Love ya Dr. K!!!!

I found this funny because well, back in the day I used to go to the club, and although I never personally did "K" or "Special K" I just remember all the hanging "K"s all over the place (think the Kellogg's red K).

Also, I had a friend that worked for a dentist. Well actually and oral surgeon. His drug of choice for putting children under? Ketamine! Yes, he would put these children into a K Hole because the side effects from the Ketamine are less then those of the other drugs.

The one little interesting side effect of a "K Hole" is that as you come out of it, you act as if you are a child again, like in utero. Yep, you may actually curl up in the fetal position and gurgle like a little baby. Interesting side effect isn't it?

Now, of course, the amount being used for IV therapy for Migraineurs is obviously not the same amount as what a dentist would used to actually put someone under....

But I still found the whole thing very interesting.....


Diana Lee said...

I'm a patient of Dr. Krusz's, and he treated me with Ketamine when I was at his clinic in January. It really did make me feel so much better and didn't leave me with any lingering side effects.

rain gem said...

RSS is great, isn't it? I can see what you guys are posting almost in real time :P
I was pretty intrigued by effects of K on depression. Like it or not, there're lots of blues going on in migraine crowd.
I was also planning to write today how "Ecstasy" (or what's it's name) drug could be used for post-traumatic stress syndrome treatment; just to keep on topic. Instead had to do a piece on how "Botox Does Not Help with migraines"... It's a breaking news, gotta keep up.

Thanks for the mention :P


Eileen said...

Yes! It's a shame too, I was watching something about back in the day when doctors were doing studies on LSD and how it was helping the mentally ill, but the government shut down the study because LSD became the drug choice during the '60's.

I can see how Ecstasy or X would help with depression too, well, I guess once you "come down" you feel depressed possibly so maybe not???

I look forward to your post on it!

Diana Lee said...

I was just treated with ketamine again this week, and I'm getting some for home that I'll be able to use in nasal spray form from a compounding pharmacy. I'm really excited to see how it works for me over the long term.

I'll definitely keep you guys posted!

Eileen said...

Please do Diana! I'm also wanting to do a follow up (when I have time) on the article Rain did on Exctacy for PTSD - another very interesting piece if you have not read it.

rain gem said...

BTW, Diana posted a follow-up on the ketamine. Seems to work pretty well. I know you are busy right now but you might find someone to talk about it during the conference.