Monday, December 3, 2007

Wow a weekend went by and no pain!

I have no idea how that happend! But, I am on my 5th day of no migraine (please, keep clapping to a minimum) I have felt pretty good the last couple days. I really don't know why!

I've been on Jolessa now for 4 weeks - so this is the week I would normally be taking a placebo - so here's to hoping that the Jolessa breaks my menstrual migraine spells!!!! That would totally rock the hizzy!

For those of you who don't know - Jolessa is the generic Seasonale. So instead of taking 3 weeks of pills and then a placebo week, I now will take 12 weeks (I think??) of pills and then a placebo week. Plus the pills are all the same stregnth, unlike the ortho, which got stronger and stronger and then dropped you off a cliff with no hormones! UGH I think that was the worst of my issues! So we will see how it goes.

No migraines and no period???!!!! Is that even possible!!!! Oh I would so love that!!!

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Bekah said...

thats awesome! congrats!

i need to get a obgyn, you like yours? i can't handle planned parenthood anymore! haha & i want to try the pill with no periods, love it!